A swimtastic weekend!

We’re having a slow home ed day today (Monday) to recover from our brilliant, if exhausting, weekend at the girls’ first swimming gala. Everyone’s pooped and looking forward to not doing very much at home today, after being at our local Regional Pool from 8.30-5.00 on Saturday and Sunday. The swimming championships were open to clubs in our region and included swimmers doing their first gala, who had no competition times. It was the culmination of a summer of hard work by the all four of the girls, though obviously (and much to her disgust!) […]

I love the Olympics!

I’m sitting here on our settee with a hot brew, watching the Olympic swimming from Rio. I’ve always loved watching the Olympics. My earliest Olympic memory was of the 1984 games in Los Angeles. I was ten and we were on a family holiday in Plymouth, staying with family friends. I remember my Dad and our friend’s Dad staying up really late watching it on the tv. We would get up early to have our breakfast in front of the tv watching the highlights show. Our home growing up always had sport on the tv. […]