Fantastic Beasts review – spoiler alert!

Review written by Big Girl, aged 12, and edited with a little help from Mum (Mrs 6). We saw “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” on the day it was released, at our local cinema. Here is my review of the film, with a little help from Obviously spoilers are lurking below, read at your own risk! Plot summary: This is a story about one man: Newt Scamander and his suitcase of magical beasts. He takes a journey from England to America. On his first day in America some of the beasts escape and that is […]

Feeling Exposed

The last twenty four hours have been an interesting lot. After six months of fairly secretive, anonymous blogging, we decided the time had come to out ourselves a little bit and publish the Facebook page for our little blog. Prior to then, our blog was mostly read by online friends in the amazing adoption/fostering Twittersphere. Plus literally a handful of friends in real life who we had told we were blogging. Over the last ten years we have gone backwards and forwards about social media and its pros and cons, especially in the context of […]

Five minutes peace…

I have grand plans for this kind of occasion! I am doing an online study course about myself. Sounds narcissistic I know, but I’m finding it fascinating. Podcasts and course materials that progress through personality tests, strengths finders, enneagram tests and tools to help me simplify and focus my time and efforts. Just a little indulgence that is solely for me. I’m finding I get very little time to work through the material and podcasts at this moment in time. Bedtimes are fraught and lengthy, so we are exhausted when we finally sit down. Usually […]

An introvert’s guide to social media

I’ve been thinking lots about personality types of late, as I’ve been doing some reading and learning around myself, as much out of curiosity as anything. I know that on a Myers Briggs test, I will consistently come out as an ISFJ-T. I don’t match all the traits, as anyone who has received a birthday present from me will tell you: I may be a gift giver, but I’m not that creative with my gifts… But the overarching theme of the personality type is me to a tee! I am for sure an introvert, struggling […]