An afternoon out

This weekend we spent a wonderful afternoon at a stunning National Trust property not too far from home. We’ve been there once before a couple of years ago and the grounds are just beautiful. We met up with long time awesome friends of ours, who live on the other side of the country and who we meet up with maybe just once or twice a year. We have seven kids between us, all aged between 4 and 11, so they all have buddies to play with and giggle with and tell secrets too. We have […]

Today it was clear

Today we looked after a friend’s lovely toddler. We’ve looked after her a few times now when their regular childcare can’t. She’s a little sweetie and a pleasure to have around. Our big girls love her and spend most of the day carrying her around or trying to make her laugh. She has a brother who is two years older than her, so is very independent and able to hold her own. Today I watched the big ones playing with her. All very natural and easy. Little Legs sat watching them, almost looking like she […]