The search for PAS continues…(support and understanding part two)

I know I have it right in saying that the placing Local Authority (LA) retains responsibility for our youngest daughter and for assessing her needs for three years post placement. This is not our immediate Local Authority, though it is not a million miles away from where we are living. I know I have it right in saying that whilst the LA are responsibility for assessing her (and our family‚Äôs) needs, they do not have to meet the needs they have assessed. I know I have it right in saying that the Adoption Support Fund […]

The need for support and understanding

A couple of weeks ago, Little Legs was under the weather and subsequently came out with some blisters, which I blogged about last week. So it may have been feeling under the weather that started it. Or it might not. As with much of this Trauma stuff, we never know what she’s trying to process. Or what’s playing on her mind. Or what she’s emotionally sorting through at any one time.Trik Android But right at this moment, she’s a sad, angry, frustrated and confused little girl. And then she’s sweet and gorgeous and happy. Singing […]

Tiredness abounds

Tiredness affects our girls in different ways. The girls all had a very late (for them) night last night. We had an important event at church, which both of us needed to attend. So we took the girls with us. The sat in the lounge of sofas and watched Kung Fu Panda 3 and ate popcorn, snuggled together under blankets. They did ace! Using a babysitter remains a complicated thing for us at the moment, so we haven’t tried anyone beyond my sister or brother in law. Little Legs is so up and down with […]

Honest lessons

We’re now about nine months into our journey with our beautiful Little Legs. The bit of the adventure since she actually moved in as part of our family. The biggest things I have learned so far are mostly about myself. My character. My personality. My strengths. My weaknesses. Oh my weaknesses! I am less patient and more selfish than I had ever realised. I was always fully aware that I am not perfect. But my character flaws have been rammed home harder than ever in the last six months or so. Because of her early […]