This afternoon, reflecting on our Big Day Out last week, I am thankful. Thankful for our girls. Our four beautiful, amazing, funny, thoughtful, caring, passionate, giggly, kind, loving girls. Thankful for our Little Legs, who finally had her day in Court. A friendly, welcoming, celebratory fifteen minutes in Court. Thankful for a lovely Court Clerk who put everyone at ease and guided us through. For a Judge who was welcoming, cheerful, engaging and easygoing. Thankful for family and friends who came to celebrate and mark our moment in court as the Six Family. For their support, […]

Forging family relationships

This last week we had our first direct contact between Little Legs’ Foster Mum and Little Legs. I’ve been chatting with her lots on WhatsApp and sending photos and updates regularly, but there has been no direct contact with Little Legs for the year she has been with us. Rightly or wrongly, we have been feeling our way to find something that feels right. For Little Legs, for our family and for theirs. There is so much advice out there about continuing contact with foster families, initiating contact with birth families, and maintaining relationships with […]

One year anniversary

It is one year since our beautiful, feisty, independent, loving, youngest daughter came to join our family full time. One year on Little Legs is absolutely settled into our family. She has three big sisters and a Mummy and a Daddy. She has her own bedroom, a favourite bedtime routine, her own chair at the table (a big chair, not a high chair any more), a range of pets and her own bit of garden to dig up, get muddy in, play with and where she can generally make a mess. One year on we […]

On being adaptable

When we were matched with Little Legs, a significant criteria was that she needed to be placed in a home with other children. Her Foster Family had a gaggle of teenagers and wider family who were in and out of the family home on a daily basis. One of the things we fought hard for was for Little Legs to share a bedroom with two of her sisters, Happy Dreamer and Little Bud. We felt it would be key in helping her to settle in to her new family and her new home. We had […]