About me

I’ve been starting (and not quite finishing) lots of blog posts lately. That’s partly to do with my headspace just now, partly to do with a lack of discpline in writing and partly to do with our current state of inbetweenness… We’re playing around with the blog at the moment and trying to decide which direction we need to be taking it in over the coming months. That doesn’t help in knowing what to write about! So I thought I’d tell you a bit about me! My little family is my world. I’d go anywhere […]

What’s next?

Uncertainty I don’t think we have ever faced a new year with so much uncertainty. Every new year carries with it the promise of new hopes and plans but usually they are all within a well worn framework of life that has been established over the years. Usually plans have already been made, diary events are already pencilled in. But not this new year. This new year, more than ever, feels like stepping into the unknown. Change This time last year I had no idea of the level of change that was about to come […]

The view from here

It has been a while. Not because I, we, have nothing to say. More because there’s too much to say. Too much inside my head that I’m mulling over, dreaming about, stressing about, excited about, or processing. Much has changed and is changing for us. For the first time in almost twenty years together, neither of us are involved in church leadership of any kind. So far it has progressively felt right but bewildering, stressful, tiring, good, relaxing and still right. We are enjoying focussing on us, our family, our dreams for what’s next. Sundays […]

We’re plodding along ;-)

My blogging habits have become somewhat sporadic over the last few months. I’ve got a few blogs in the pipeline, but not ones that seem to be coming together easily to be honest. Our desktop computer died a few months back, so although I can write drafts on my phone, I can only post to the blog when Mr Six doesn’t need the laptop for work stuff. But it’s also because we have changes afoot in our lives and it hasn’t felt like the right time to write about them until now. I’m not good […]

A few of my favourite things

A piping hot cup of strong, milky tea. The feel of the wind racing past when I ride my bike. The sound of my kids laughing. The strong arms of Mr Six around me. Sunshine on my face. That moment every morning when I put my head under a hot shower. Fresh crusty bread, straight from the oven. Stealing away, even for half an hour, with my gorgeous family. The sound of the waves on the beach. Those still moments of intense quiet, when everyone is happy doing something. A good book, telling a great […]

Always his. Always.

Apparently seventeen years is marked by gifts of furniture…ha! In this house, if it’s functional it’s fine! We had what some would call a whirlwind romance, Mr Six and I. Met him in late summer, started ‘dating’ in the spring, engaged mid summer and married in January. Well, they say when you know, you know. Some said it wouldn’t last. He was too young. We hadn’t known each other long enough. We didn’t know each other well enough. We didn’t have any possessions, stuff. Maybe they were right and he was. We hadn’t. We didn’t. But […]

Our 2016

Mr Six and I were chatting last night…well around 1am, after we had seen in the New Year and finally got the girls into bed. Chatting about our 2016. We were reminding each other of the reality of how 2016 was for our little family; about all the great things that we have experienced or worked hard at over the year. He was listing the adventures and fun stuff we have done, while I was selecting adjectives such as ‘challenging’, ‘exhausting’, ‘adventurous’ and ‘full to emotional capacity’! We’ve seen and read lots of blog posts and media pieces about […]

Wash baskets!

We home educate. Most of you will already know that. The girls and I especially, spend huge swathes of time in each other’s pockets. We generally cope fine with that. I use Quiet Time most days, where the big girls go off to their rooms to do something quietly. Read a book. Play together. Listen to an audio book. As long as it’s quiet and upstairs, I’m good with it. Little Legs generally has tv time in the playroom. So I get the lounge to relax and catch my breath for a short while. To […]

The tell tale blister

Little Legs has the constitution of an ox! Since she came home sixteen months ago, she has been ill once I think. She rarely gets sniffly, has had one 24 hour episode of being poorly with one vomit. She hasn’t once been blocked up enough overnight to struggle with breathing through her nose whilst keeping her dummy in her mouth. Last weekend she was spiking a temperature and asking for Movicol?! I figured out she is so used to me asking one of her sisters if she has taken her Movicol today, that she had it […]

The path we chose – home education and adoption

We didn’t always intend to home educate. Neither of us had ever met anyone who had been home educated or who was home educating. Both of us had grown up within the mainstream education system. However we made a significant geographical move as our first child turned one and were suddenly immersed in a friendship circle of adults who had been home educated and families who were home educating. We had some great friends who were home educating from the start and whose children were such positive examples of a different way of learning. Our […]