Five minutes peace…

I have grand plans for this kind of occasion! I am doing an online study course about myself. Sounds narcissistic I know, but I’m finding it fascinating. Podcasts and course materials that progress through personality tests, strengths finders, enneagram tests and tools to help me simplify and focus my time and efforts. Just a little indulgence that is solely for me. I’m finding I get very little time to work through the material and podcasts at this moment in time. Bedtimes are fraught and lengthy, so we are exhausted when we finally sit down. Usually […]

Gardening club

This weekend Big Girl and Happy Dreamer are off to their first ever Kids’ Camp. I need to pop to the shops to get them a few essentials that they need to take with them. But the weather was too nice today to pass up getting on with some gardening jobs together. One of the beauties of home edding: we can switch our week’s activities round if we get a lovely day! So we dug soil, talked about worms, lay in the sunshine, planted seeds, planted out seedlings, sorted the gardening tools in the garage, […]

Just keep swimming

We love Finding Nemo. And I have Dory’s famous line written in the front of my journal this year. Sometimes it just helps to have a reminder, a note to self, to keep going. Even when all I want to do is stop. Or cry. Or rage. Big Girl has recently started swimming at our local swimming club. It’s an enthusiastic and encouraging place to hang out. Populated by kids, parents and coaches who are really positive and keen for the swimmers to do well. It’s only a small club at the moment and has […]


A few years ago on a whim a friend asked if I would like to go for a scramble. It was a beautiful day and although I am not a particularly carefree person for some reason I thought “What the heck! Let’s give it a go!” I think one of the reasons I felt happy was that I had completely misunderstood what is meant by “scramble”. In my mind I had an image of a steep hill that would take a bit of effort, but was nothing more than a “good walk”. I look back and […]

The ups and downs of a home ed life

We haven’t always been a home educating family. Our older two girls went to school for four and two years respectively. Our younger two have never been to school. But boy are we glad we took the risk and made the leap! We’re four years home edding now and our girls are growing and learning and changing so quickly. Their interests are amazing and the things they love are so diverse. We switch from cooking to bird watching to Star Wars to nature studies to fitness and exercise to the oceans within the course of […]

Bittersweet for all

Throughout the ‘pre-approval’ phase of the adoption process, we were warned about the more difficult aspects of the process: invasive questions about our relationship, our finances, our parenting skills. Then we were advised that we might be in for a long wait for a potential link, due to our family being slightly unconventional: already having three birth children, home educating, being in leadership of a church. During prep groups, conversations were had with regards to common preconceptions that prospective adopters have about the children waiting for matches. About the numbers of children awaiting adoption from […]

The path we chose – home education and adoption

We didn’t always intend to home educate. Neither of us had ever met anyone who had been home educated or who was home educating. Both of us had grown up within the mainstream education system. However we made a significant geographical move as our first child turned one and were suddenly immersed in a friendship circle of adults who had been home educated and families who were home educating. We had some great friends who were home educating from the start and whose children were such positive examples of a different way of learning. Our […]


Little Legs had her first birthday with our family and it offered us a lesson in empathy. She reached the exciting age of four. She was excited mostly because being four means presents, being allowed to go to our church Kids’ Club, and moving up from her pre-schooler swimming class to a “real” swimming lesson like her sisters.Movie Carol (2015) Her fourth birthday also brought her first real tears that we have been able to attribute to (and name for her as) grief for the loss of her foster carers. No doubt she has grieved […]

The times they are a changin’

I have been thinking a lot about change recently. Or perhaps I should say I have been experiencing a lot of change. Over the last 5 months I had been finding myself feeling anxious and fearful and I couldn’t work out why. Everything felt like it was on top of me and I couldn’t think clearly enough to know what to do to feel better. A breakthrough came when a friend reminded me of something that a visiting speaker at our church had said to us a few years earlier. The emotions that I was […]

Honest lessons

We’re now about nine months into our journey with our beautiful Little Legs. The bit of the adventure since she actually moved in as part of our family. The biggest things I have learned so far are mostly about myself. My character. My personality. My strengths. My weaknesses. Oh my weaknesses! I am less patient and more selfish than I had ever realised. I was always fully aware that I am not perfect. But my character flaws have been rammed home harder than ever in the last six months or so. Because of her early […]