The Big Man

It’s that time of year again. I tend to spend November intermittently grumpy to be honest. No, I’m not ready for Christmas. No, I dont want to listen to Christmas music yet. No, I havent wrapped any presents…I honestly haven’t bought any! I cant think that far ahead. I often get cards and wrapping paper in the January sales but that’s as far as it goes. My Dad’s birthday is the middle of December. When my sister and I were kids, nothing Christmassy happened in our house until two days after his birthday. Which meant […]

My cousin

My cousin is the stuff of legend. My cousin has shaped so much of my life, from being so very young to the present day. I cannot remember life without him being in it. My cousin is loud and funny. My cousin taught me how to be myself. My cousin taught me how to fight injustice. My cousin taught me how to be a better person. My cousin taught me how to love my God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. My cousin taught me how to treat other people. My cousin taught me […]

Blog fun times

So our blog got hacked a couple of times a few weeks back. A combination of frustration at not knowing how to sort it, combined with illness in our household that has dragged on for weeks, has rendered me apparently unable or unmotivated to write anything on here. But I’m here again. A bit tired, but determined to get back to it.

Wash baskets!

We home educate. Most of you will already know that. The girls and I especially, spend huge swathes of time in each other’s pockets. We generally cope fine with that. I use Quiet Time most days, where the big girls go off to their rooms to do something quietly. Read a book. Play together. Listen to an audio book. As long as it’s quiet and upstairs, I’m good with it. Little Legs generally has tv time in the playroom. So I get the lounge to relax and catch my breath for a short while. To […]

The best kind of influence

We may not always like it, but our lives display the influences of people whose paths have crossed with ours over the years. From family to friends and even acquaintances, the way that people around us live their lives will impact how we choose to live ours. Just reading this paragraph will likely stir memories of the people who have most impacted your life. I grew up in a suburban area of South Manchester. I had an awesome Mum and Dad (still have my awesome Dad!) and a fab little sister. We lived in a semi detached […]

Water’s helping hand

I’ve been thinking this week about milestones. Little Legs was three and a half when she came home. Despite lots of her development being delayed, we met her too late to experience most of her small person milestones. She hadn’t been walking independently for long when we met her, though you wouldn’t know it now to see her legging it around after her sisters! She was still in nappies when she came home, and pretty much toilet trained herself over Christmas last year. We still have the dummy to work through and get rid of, […]

Tiredness abounds

Tiredness affects our girls in different ways. The girls all had a very late (for them) night last night. We had an important event at church, which both of us needed to attend. So we took the girls with us. The sat in the lounge of sofas and watched Kung Fu Panda 3 and ate popcorn, snuggled together under blankets. They did ace! Using a babysitter remains a complicated thing for us at the moment, so we haven’t tried anyone beyond my sister or brother in law. Little Legs is so up and down with […]

One year anniversary

It is one year since our beautiful, feisty, independent, loving, youngest daughter came to join our family full time. One year on Little Legs is absolutely settled into our family. She has three big sisters and a Mummy and a Daddy. She has her own bedroom, a favourite bedtime routine, her own chair at the table (a big chair, not a high chair any more), a range of pets and her own bit of garden to dig up, get muddy in, play with and where she can generally make a mess. One year on we […]

On feeling empty

The last few weeks have been particularly bumpy in the Six household. Even without the referendum causing extra grief and anger this last few days. Most of the bumpiness has been in my head I think, but boy has it felt like a turbulent ride.I haven’t read much other than two fabulous Jill Mansell books over my birthday 24 hours, haven’t blogged for almost two weeks, haven’t felt like anything has been much fun. Have had lots of palpitations (hello anxiety) and have needed to stay close to Mr Six in social situations. Such a […]

On being adaptable

When we were matched with Little Legs, a significant criteria was that she needed to be placed in a home with other children. Her Foster Family had a gaggle of teenagers and wider family who were in and out of the family home on a daily basis. One of the things we fought hard for was for Little Legs to share a bedroom with two of her sisters, Happy Dreamer and Little Bud. We felt it would be key in helping her to settle in to her new family and her new home. We had […]