Mummy’s solo outing

On Monday this week I went out for the day. By myself. Totally without company. Sans enfants! A few weeks ago, Mr Six had suggested that he have the girls for the day one Monday, so that I could go out and have some time to myself. As we home educate, that doesn’t happen very often. It can get complicated enough going to an essential appointment unaccompanied (doctor, dentist, etc) when you are home every day with four children! But Mr Six was keen for me to have some alone time. Some head space. A bit of time […]

Happy birthday Big Girl!

Twelve years ago today, we were finally at the end of a long and traumatic twenty four hours. Big Girl had made her appearance, though she hadn’t been keen to leave the warmth and comfort of her home of nine months! A loooooong delivery, plenty of vomiting, an eventual epidural, a set of forceps and one operation for Mummy later, she made it. Today she is taller than me, wearing my clothes and shoes, generally louder than me and funnier than me. She is strong, feisty, independent, kind and loving. She is growing into her […]

The ups and downs of a home ed life

We haven’t always been a home educating family. Our older two girls went to school for four and two years respectively. Our younger two have never been to school. But boy are we glad we took the risk and made the leap! We’re four years home edding now and our girls are growing and learning and changing so quickly. Their interests are amazing and the things they love are so diverse. We switch from cooking to bird watching to Star Wars to nature studies to fitness and exercise to the oceans within the course of […]