Five minutes peace…

I have grand plans for this kind of occasion! I am doing an online study course about myself. Sounds narcissistic I know, but I’m finding it fascinating. Podcasts and course materials that progress through personality tests, strengths finders, enneagram tests and tools to help me simplify and focus my time and efforts. Just a little indulgence that is solely for me. I’m finding I get very little time to work through the material and podcasts at this moment in time. Bedtimes are fraught and lengthy, so we are exhausted when we finally sit down. Usually […]


The last few weeks have seen an increase in horrendous bedtimes. Little Legs has been part of our family for significantly less than a year and still requires bucketloads of reassurance that we love her and want her. There are pinch points during the week when we know she will most likely need a little more focussed attention. A big pinch point at the moment is that when she goes to bed, she needs to know that we will still be there when she wakes in the morning. Her sisters’ presence appears to alleviate some […]


Little Legs had her first birthday with our family and it offered us a lesson in empathy. She reached the exciting age of four. She was excited mostly because being four means presents, being allowed to go to our church Kids’ Club, and moving up from her pre-schooler swimming class to a “real” swimming lesson like her sisters.Movie Carol (2015) Her fourth birthday also brought her first real tears that we have been able to attribute to (and name for her as) grief for the loss of her foster carers. No doubt she has grieved […]

Our Road

Late night observations about the cul-de-sac where we live: 12 houses. 8 with drives. 4 with no drive. 30 residents. 24 adults. 6 children. Average 2.5 residents per house. 4 houses with no drivers. 23 residents’ vehicles. 5 work vans. 2 caravans. Not a lot of available parking space. Our house: 6 residents. 1 drive. 1 car.