Little Legs had her first birthday with our family and it offered us a lesson in empathy. She reached the exciting age of four. She was excited mostly because being four means presents, being allowed to go to our church Kids’ Club, and moving up from her pre-schooler swimming class to a “real” swimming lesson like her sisters.Movie Carol (2015) Her fourth birthday also brought her first real tears that we have been able to attribute to (and name for her as) grief for the loss of her foster carers. No doubt she has grieved […]

Random conversations

As a reasonably large family that spends a lot of time together we find ourselves having all kinds of conversations. As the day flows through various home ed topics that we might be covering, our conversations will often flow from the inquisitive learning of a new subject to a random discussion of the various lightsaber colours of someone’s favourite Jedi and back again. We thought that it might be fun to try to keep a regular update of┬ásome of these weird and wacky conversation threads. Today we have discussed and investigated the following topics: why […]