The best kind of influence

We may not always like it, but our lives display the influences of people whose paths have crossed with ours over the years. From family to friends and even acquaintances, the way that people around us live their lives will impact how we choose to live ours. Just reading this paragraph will likely stir memories of the people who have most impacted your life. I grew up in a suburban area of South Manchester. I had an awesome Mum and Dad (still have my awesome Dad!) and a fab little sister. We lived in a semi detached […]

The Scenic Route: To Approval

Our journey from expression of interest to placement wasn’t long by some people’s standards, but each step seemed to take so much longer than we had expected. Our local authority is part of a consortium. I spent two weeks trying to access their information online, only to find their website consistently down. Having read around a bit and spoken to other adopters on Twitter, we came to understand that generally VAs provide better access to PAS. So we looked at BAAF’s website guide to voluntary agencies and found two that seemed to cover our area. Our […]

Forging family relationships

This last week we had our first direct contact between Little Legs’ Foster Mum and Little Legs. I’ve been chatting with her lots on WhatsApp and sending photos and updates regularly, but there has been no direct contact with Little Legs for the year she has been with us. Rightly or wrongly, we have been feeling our way to find something that feels right. For Little Legs, for our family and for theirs. There is so much advice out there about continuing contact with foster families, initiating contact with birth families, and maintaining relationships with […]

On feeling empty

The last few weeks have been particularly bumpy in the Six household. Even without the referendum causing extra grief and anger this last few days. Most of the bumpiness has been in my head I think, but boy has it felt like a turbulent ride.I haven’t read much other than two fabulous Jill Mansell books over my birthday 24 hours, haven’t blogged for almost two weeks, haven’t felt like anything has been much fun. Have had lots of palpitations (hello anxiety) and have needed to stay close to Mr Six in social situations. Such a […]

An introvert’s guide to social media

I’ve been thinking lots about personality types of late, as I’ve been doing some reading and learning around myself, as much out of curiosity as anything. I know that on a Myers Briggs test, I will consistently come out as an ISFJ-T. I don’t match all the traits, as anyone who has received a birthday present from me will tell you: I may be a gift giver, but I’m not that creative with my gifts… But the overarching theme of the personality type is me to a tee! I am for sure an introvert, struggling […]

The ups and downs of a home ed life

We haven’t always been a home educating family. Our older two girls went to school for four and two years respectively. Our younger two have never been to school. But boy are we glad we took the risk and made the leap! We’re four years home edding now and our girls are growing and learning and changing so quickly. Their interests are amazing and the things they love are so diverse. We switch from cooking to bird watching to Star Wars to nature studies to fitness and exercise to the oceans within the course of […]

Bittersweet for all

Throughout the ‘pre-approval’ phase of the adoption process, we were warned about the more difficult aspects of the process: invasive questions about our relationship, our finances, our parenting skills. Then we were advised that we might be in for a long wait for a potential link, due to our family being slightly unconventional: already having three birth children, home educating, being in leadership of a church. During prep groups, conversations were had with regards to common preconceptions that prospective adopters have about the children waiting for matches. About the numbers of children awaiting adoption from […]

A bigger story

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-94" src="" alt="BIGGER" srcset=" 560w, http://i1.wp acheter viagra en 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 560px) 100vw, 560px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />I recently had a conversation that I found quite disturbing. The conversation was with a friend who noticed me checking the news on my phone. My friend made a comment about finding out what’s going on and then proceeded to tell me how rubbish the world was. At first I thought he was joking, but when I pushed a bit harder I discovered that he was very serious. He had some strong views about the state of the world, […]


Little Legs had her first birthday with our family and it offered us a lesson in empathy. She reached the exciting age of four. She was excited mostly because being four means presents, being allowed to go to our church Kids’ Club, and moving up from her pre-schooler swimming class to a “real” swimming lesson like her sisters.Movie Carol (2015) Her fourth birthday also brought her first real tears that we have been able to attribute to (and name for her as) grief for the loss of her foster carers. No doubt she has grieved […]

Random conversations

As a reasonably large family that spends a lot of time together we find ourselves having all kinds of conversations. As the day flows through various home ed topics that we might be covering, our conversations will often flow from the inquisitive learning of a new subject to a random discussion of the various lightsaber colours of someone’s favourite Jedi and back again. We thought that it might be fun to try to keep a regular update of some of these weird and wacky conversation threads. Today we have discussed and investigated the following topics: why […]