What’s next?

Uncertainty I don’t think we have ever faced a new year with so much uncertainty. Every new year carries with it the promise of new hopes and plans but usually they are all within a well worn framework of life that has been established over the years. Usually plans have already been made, diary events are already pencilled in. But not this new year. This new year, more than ever, feels like stepping into the unknown. Change This time last year I had no idea of the level of change that was about to come […]

Blog fun times

So our blog got hacked a couple of times a few weeks back. A combination of frustration at not knowing how to sort it, combined with illness in our household that has dragged on for weeks, has rendered me apparently unable or unmotivated to write anything on here. But I’m here again. A bit tired, but determined to get back to it.

Fantastic Beasts review – spoiler alert!

Review written by Big Girl, aged 12, and edited with a little help from Mum (Mrs 6). We saw “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” on the day it was released, at our local cinema. Here is my review of the film, with a little help from Pottermore.com. Obviously spoilers are lurking below, read at your own risk! Plot summary: This is a story about one man: Newt Scamander and his suitcase of magical beasts. He takes a journey from England to America. On his first day in America some of the beasts escape and that is […]

Feeling Exposed

The last twenty four hours have been an interesting lot. After six months of fairly secretive, anonymous blogging, we decided the time had come to out ourselves a little bit and publish the Facebook page for our little blog. Prior to then, our blog was mostly read by online friends in the amazing adoption/fostering Twittersphere. Plus literally a handful of friends in real life who we had told we were blogging. Over the last ten years we have gone backwards and forwards about social media and its pros and cons, especially in the context of […]

Getting started.

We’ve been chatting and mulling over the thought of writing a family blog for a while now. We did have one years ago, but took it down as the girls were getting older, deciding we weren’t sure about giving them an online presence. But recently we’ve been thinking about our journey, our stories. And we’ve had some encouragement to share some of these stories and experiences. In some ways we’re just an ordinary family. But in some ways, we really aren’t, who is? And part of our journey over the last couple of years has […]