Fantastic Beasts review – spoiler alert!

Review written by Big Girl, aged 12, and edited with a little help from Mum (Mrs 6). We saw “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” on the day it was released, at our local cinema. Here is my review of the film, with a little help from Obviously spoilers are lurking below, read at your own risk! Plot summary: This is a story about one man: Newt Scamander and his suitcase of magical beasts. He takes a journey from England to America. On his first day in America some of the beasts escape and that is […]

Happy birthday Big Girl!

Twelve years ago today, we were finally at the end of a long and traumatic twenty four hours. Big Girl had made her appearance, though she hadn’t been keen to leave the warmth and comfort of her home of nine months! A loooooong delivery, plenty of vomiting, an eventual epidural, a set of forceps and one operation for Mummy later, she made it. Today she is taller than me, wearing my clothes and shoes, generally louder than me and funnier than me. She is strong, feisty, independent, kind and loving. She is growing into her […]

Just keep swimming

We love Finding Nemo. And I have Dory’s famous line written in the front of my journal this year. Sometimes it just helps to have a reminder, a note to self, to keep going. Even when all I want to do is stop. Or cry. Or rage. Big Girl has recently started swimming at our local swimming club. It’s an enthusiastic and encouraging place to hang out. Populated by kids, parents and coaches who are really positive and keen for the swimmers to do well. It’s only a small club at the moment and has […]