The search for PAS continues…(support and understanding part two)

I know I have it right in saying that the placing Local Authority (LA) retains responsibility for our youngest daughter and for assessing her needs for three years post placement. This is not our immediate Local Authority, though it is not a million miles away from where we are living. I know I have it right in saying that whilst the LA are responsibility for assessing her (and our family’s) needs, they do not have to meet the needs they have assessed. I know I have it right in saying that the Adoption Support Fund […]

What’s in a name

Little Legs had lived with her foster family for practically all her life when we met her. She was three and a half years old. I had spoken on the phone to her Foster Mummy a few weeks before intros were due to start and had a lengthy discussion about how much Little Legs knew and understood about her planned adoption. Her Foster Mummy felt that Little Legs didn’t really have much of a grasp on what was about to happen. Her Social Worker hadn’t really done any preparation work with her and there was […]


This afternoon, reflecting on our Big Day Out last week, I am thankful. Thankful for our girls. Our four beautiful, amazing, funny, thoughtful, caring, passionate, giggly, kind, loving girls. Thankful for our Little Legs, who finally had her day in Court. A friendly, welcoming, celebratory fifteen minutes in Court. Thankful for a lovely Court Clerk who put everyone at ease and guided us through. For a Judge who was welcoming, cheerful, engaging and easygoing. Thankful for family and friends who came to celebrate and mark our moment in court as the Six Family. For their support, […]

The Scenic Route: To Placement

After Matching Panel, we sat in the little waiting room with our Social Worker (SW), expecting to exchange Christmas wishes and to set a date to get together sometime in January 2015 to talk matching. However… Our SW pulled a single A4 sheet of paper out of his bag and told us that he had a profile he had received via email the night before, that he would really like us to have a look at. There was no pressure and he was more than happy to hang onto it until after the holidays, but […]

The Scenic Route: To Approval

Our journey from expression of interest to placement wasn’t long by some people’s standards, but each step seemed to take so much longer than we had expected. Our local authority is part of a consortium. I spent two weeks trying to access their information online, only to find their website consistently down. Having read around a bit and spoken to other adopters on Twitter, we came to understand that generally VAs provide better access to PAS. So we looked at BAAF’s website guide to voluntary agencies and found two that seemed to cover our area. Our […]