Beauty and the Beast movie review – spoiler alert!

Review written by Big Girl, age 12, and edited with help from Mum (Mrs 6).
Plot summary:
This is a story about a girl, a beast, two men, a candle stick, a clock, a tea cup and a cup. Belle is a girl who wants adventure but in the small village she and her father live in it seems like the only adventure Belle will have is in the books she reads. Until one day her father finds himself a prisoner of a beast. When Belle comes to rescue her father, she gives herself up for her father and so begins her first adventure.
Character introductions:
Belle is a high spirited girl who wants an adventure and one day her dream comes true. She takes her father’s place as the prisoner of the beast, her father leaves and Belle makes friends with the castle staff. She gradually makes friends with the beast. The beast was once a rich prince who only cared for himself and his good looks, until one evening when an enchantress visits and curses him into a hideous beast. Gaston is a man who thinks only of his good looks and wants to marry Belle. Lefou is the companion of Gaston and is very nervous.  Mrs Potts is a servant in the beast’s castle and was among those cursed. Under the spell she was changed into a tea cup. Lumiere is bewitched to become a candlestick and is one of the caretakers of the castle. Cogsworth is the castle manager who was transformed into a clock. He keeps the castle in check even in his condition. Chip is Mrs Potts’ little boy who was also caught in the curse. He became a tea cup and quickly makes friends with Belle.
My favourite part :
There is so much to choose from, but as I have to pick only one my favourite part is when Belle and the beast are dancing to the song ‘Beauty and the beast’ sung by Mrs Potts. I also love the part when Belle first meets the castle staff and gets the biggest shock ever.
Beauty and the beast is amazing a mirror version of the original movie. I enjoyed it so much I want to go see it again right now and I know you would love it too!

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