Wash baskets!

We home educate. Most of you will already know that. The girls and I especially, spend huge swathes of time in each other’s pockets. We generally cope fine with that.

I use Quiet Time most days, where the big girls go off to their rooms to do something quietly.

Read a book.

Play together.

Listen to an audio book.

As long as it’s quiet and upstairs, I’m good with it. Little Legs generally has tv time in the playroom. So I get the lounge to relax and catch my breath for a short while. To feed my introvert need for quiet. And no more questions. For a few minutes anyway!Watch movie online Rings (2017)Watch movie online Get Out (2017)

The girls do really well with the amount of time they spend together. We often tell other people who ask how we manage it, that it isn’t like having your children home for a weekend or the holidays, when it can take a while for everyone to get used to being together 24/7. It’s our rhythm. Our normal.

Apart from when it comes to doing their washing apparently!

Little Bud (7) and Happy Dreamer (9) share a room. I wrote on another blog how when Happy Dreamer went to Kids’ Camp earlier this year, it was the first time they’d spent more than one night apart. They’re just buddies. Their personalities compliment each other and, on the whole, they don’t wind each other up.

Unless they’re doing their washing!

They share a room and, until two weeks ago, they had one wash basket between them.

Now the way I ‘organise’ the laundry in the Six household is that we have two main wash baskets on the landing-one for light colours and one for darks. The girls have a wash basket in each bedroom (three in total) that they are responsible for emptying.

Each girl has chores that they are responsible for as part of their belonging to the Six family. All four of them. One is to ensure that their wash baskets get emptied regularly and they do this on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

They take their wash basket onto the landing and empty all of their dirty washing into the appropriate (light or dark) larger laundry bin. All separated and turned the right way out.

Laundry rules

I wash at least one load a day and I put it back in their room,washed, dried and folded for them to sort and put away. This works for now. As long as I keep on top of the washing and drying all goes well.

Occasionally Mount Foldmore occurs and it takes me a while to get it under control again.

Mount Foldmore

Everyone ferrets through the big pile of clean washing (usually in our bedroom) to find what they’re looking for! Not ideal, but as I tell Mr Six, at least it’s all clean.

Recently, Happy Dreamer and Little Bud have been unable to sort their dirty washing together without it descending into a whinging tearfest or a shouting match. They have been resorting to getting very cross and tearful with each other about who is doing what. I’m not really sure how they manage to make it so difficult, but anyway!

We think that it’s something to do with their Love Languages. Happy Dreamer needs to see action. She loves it when you ‘do’ with her (Quality Time and Acts of Service). Little Bud is a words kinda girl (Words of Affirmation). The words you speak to her are important.

Happy Dreamer gets cross that Little Bud tells her what to do, but doesn’t help much. She bosses HD around. Little Bud gets upset easily with how HD talks to her when she’s angry and upset.

So I got completely fed up. I let it annoy me and get under my skin until I threatened them with not getting their clothes washed. Helpful I know! And then I had a (blindingly obvious) epiphany.

They now have a wash basket each! I know. It’s a genius idea!

And guess what? They no longer fight over who does what. They just sort their washing, turn it the right way out and put it in the appropriate laundry bin on the landing.

Now if I could just find a way to eliminate Mount Foldmore…😂🙄

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  1. Very wise, it’s nice when there’s a simple solution. I can’t imagine getting our massive to sort colours and whites! very impressed.

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