There was some shifting (reposted)

It has been three weeks now of sickness in our house. It started with Mr Six and has now worked its way round to me, via two of our girls. It has really wiped me out to be honest. I spent almost the whole weekend in bed, sleeping or resting. Which is really not like me at all. Me who doesn’t do lie ins. Or pj days. Or daytime naps.
I haven’t even really had much in the way of a cold or anything. Just completely wiped out and sleeping. All. The. Time.
It has however felt like a ‘soul pause’.
A few weeks back I had signed up for a Christian Women’s Conference called the If:Gathering, which was running in Texas over the Friday night and Saturday of the 3rd-4th February, and which was being live streamed around the world. I was really excited to be getting the opportunity to listen in to 24 hours of teaching, worship and discussions with a whole bunch of women, after a turbulent few weeks.
I was excited to be hearing from bloggers I have followed for ages, writers whose books I have loved, podcasters I listen to regularly and women of all ages with a heart after God.
And then I got sick.
So I lay in bed with the conference streaming on my iPad. I listened. I slept. I worshipped. I blew my nose lots (grim cold). I soaked up the teaching. I laughed at the jokes I heard. I slept some more. I took on board wisdom. I heard old things with fresh ears.
I allowed my soul to pause and regroup.
I listened.
To Jennie Allen and her desire for connections and legacy.
To Britt and Kate Merrick and their passion for Jesus.
Lysa TerKeurst and her laughter and wisdom.
Jill Briscoe. Oh how Jill Briscoe’s words spoke to my heart. Again. Twenty years after I first heard her speak in Holland. At 82 years of age she stirred my heart again. And demonstrated an incredible passion for people. And for seeking after the heart of God.
To Rebekah Lyons and Vivian Mabuni talking passionately about the early church.
Bianca Olthoff sharing hilariously about Paul’s heart for the church.
To Jo Saxton bringing challenge through Barnabas, the son of encouragement.
And to so many other amazing ladies, sharing their stories. Their challenges and their passions. Their hearts for people.
It was good stuff. Really, really good stuff.
I am encouraged. And challenged. Thinking and journalling lots.
Processing. Praying. Dreaming.
Thankful to live in a digital world.
Thankful to live in a nation where I can own a Bible (or three).
Thankful to be part of a fab local church.
Thankful for a husband who loves God and loves me and his girls.
Things are shifting.
The dis and com are definitely less bobulated today.

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