The view from here

It has been a while. Not because I, we, have nothing to say. More because there’s too much to say. Too much inside my head that I’m mulling over, dreaming about, stressing about, excited about, or processing.

Much has changed and is changing for us. For the first time in almost twenty years together, neither of us are involved in church leadership of any kind. So far it has progressively felt right but bewildering, stressful, tiring, good, relaxing and still right. We are enjoying focussing on us, our family, our dreams for what’s next.

Sundays mornings have been, for a time, just about Team Six.

We are in the midst of a season of decluttering our home (and our minds, to be honest). Simplifying. Restructuring. Placing emphasis on those things, people and activities that bring us joy or purpose. Releasing those which drain our physical or emotional resources. We are having fun and our steps are becoming lighter. Our local charity shop distribution depot is enjoying the fruits of our labour! Although the girls are excited to do a car boot in the spring and see how much money they can make 😉

The long, dark, chilly days even feel a smidge less threatening to me this year. I may have to revisit that one as we drop further into winter, but for now it feels ok. We even managed to get to the middle of October without putting the heating on…so close to our November target!

Mr Six is enjoying his job. One where he goes to work, does his job and comes home to us. Full stop. Shift work is taking a bit of geting used to, with hours and days changing from time to time. But he is so blessed to work for and with a fab bunch of folk.

The girls and I are enjoying reconnecting with some of our local home education community. Two years ago when Little Legs came home, we withdrew somewhat from external activities in order to better support her in settling in, helping her to understand what was going on, and reduce the number of other people coming in and out of her life. It has felt good to begin to reconnect ourselves back into local networks. This last half term it has been in the form of art workshops, which have been fun, inspiring and joyous.

Little Legs herself is doing well. I have to admit that on the whole we are seeing her amazing little self coming into her own. We are still managing low level behaviours at home, but at this point in time, no one else really sees anything too out of the ordinary. She is coping so incredibly well with her life now. There are always the conversations that come completely out of the blue, but so far were managing to answer those questions as and when they arise.

We still chat frequently about her Foster Family and she is keen to put together a package to send to them – biscuits she wants to make and a card with some pictures she has drawn. That’s on my list for next week when we’re back into routine.

I still need to sort out her Life Story Book from what the placing LA have sent through to us and what we’ve gathered along the way. We’re also in the process of making a complaint about her Later Life Letter, which is currently not fit for purpose. We’re hopeful that the end result will be positive for Little Legs, which is the point of all of this.

We are in the early stages of our second block of Theraplay with our lovely PASW. Some sessions will just be for Little Legs. But some will be for the girls all together. This feels quite key as we move along this journey as a family.

The blending of four unique characters.

Four amazing girls.

Our family’s story is rewiring itself. Designed by a Master Craftsman and complete yet not full known at this point in time. We’re excited to see what’s next…

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  1. So pleased to read your latest post and to learn how you are getting on. A moving and creative depiction of the Master at work in and through you all. May team 6 continue to be richly blessed.

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