Just keep swimming

We love Finding Nemo. And I have Dory’s famous line written in the front of my journal this year. Sometimes it just helps to have a reminder, a note to self, to keep going. Even when all I want to do is stop. Or cry. Or rage.

Big Girl has recently started swimming at our local swimming club. It’s an enthusiastic and encouraging place to hang out. Populated by kids, parents and coaches who are really positive and keen for the swimmers to do well.

It’s only a small club at the moment and has just been reformed after a short hiatus with no club based here. The coaches are great with the kids: firm, no nonsense, but so affirming and positive.

Today’s sessions started with 20 minutes of aqua aerobics with a coach they had brought in specifically for the session. They danced. They laughed. They floated. They sweated. They worked blooming hard.

They swim length after length after length. Most of them three times a week for two hours a pop. They have kit bags with flippers and hand paddles and floats and pull buoys.

It’s so lovely to watch Big Girl blossom and flourish under the coaches’ encouragement. She loves just getting in the water and swimming. She responds to their praise and advice. But mostly she just keeps swimming. She inspires me to keep my head down and get on with it. To put one foot in front of the other.

She’s tall for her age and is turning into a powerful swimmer. When she puts her flippers on, she’s away. She butterflies like I could only dream of.

As I sat at the pool watching them all this weekend, I was given a sharp reminder. Just a little nudge from my Heavenly Father about my willingness to put in the miles, do the leg work, commit to the process.

My family needs me to be on form as often as I am able. They need me to put in the training, even when all I want to do is stay in (or get back into) bed. At times I will need to utilise some extra equipment or resources to learn something new, or consolidate a skill that needs toning up.

One of the things I am currently finding hardest about family life are the mundane tasks that need doing day after day. After day. I have been making myself check my attitude most days over them!

Laundry, meal planning, cooking, tidying up, cleaning, making beds….the list goes on. I clear up after breakfast and have to think about lunch. I clear up after lunch and start thinking about tea.

I take the wash basket downstairs. I put a laundry load in the washer. I put a wet load in the dryer. I fold a dry load. Well usually the dry loads mount up on the settee or our bedroom floor. We have named this phenomenon Mount Foldmore!

These things need doing because I have a family. I have an amazing husband and four beautiful girls who rely on me to just keep swimming. Mr 6 works hard. The girls all help with chores and tasks around our house. We are all doing our bit to keep our family and our lives running smoothly.

Some days are easy. Some days our house really does look like we’re losing a game of Jumanji (funny quote stolen off an Internet meme)! One of my favourite things to say over this last year has been “It is what it is”. And it really is. Until someone invents a machine that can do all of my jobs, or we earn enough to employ staff, I will take Dory’s advice. And just keep swimming.

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