Random conversations

The things we talk about.As a reasonably large family that spends a lot of time together we find ourselves having all kinds of conversations. As the day flows through various home ed topics that we might be covering, our conversations will often flow from the inquisitive learning of a new subject to a random discussion of the various lightsaber colours of someone’s favourite Jedi and back again. We thought that it might be fun to try to keep a regular update of some of these weird and wacky conversation threads.

Today we have discussed and investigated the following topics:

why we could see Jupiter bright in the sky alongside the moon last night;
why magnets hover and repel one another if you put them next to each other (apparently hovering like a speeder bike-gratuitous Star Wars reference);
why it would be hard to say goodbye to a foster sibling, even when you know they are getting a forever family;
which superheroes are Marvel and which are DC;
why it is difficult to get chewing gum out of your hair;
how a straw sucks up your juice if you put your finger over the top of it;
what noise our chickens make when they have laid an egg.

All such amazing and insightful things to discuss together! Love our girls.

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