Quiet Time

Today the girls and I have been at home by ourselves for most of the day. It feels most unusual at the moment for this to happen. Life has become increasingly busy of late. Mostly in good ways. Seeing friends. Getting out and about in the sunshine. Running errands.

But for today I have really appreciated being at home. And not seeing anyone other than my girls.

I don’t think I’ve written about our Quiet Time previously, but it is something that I am fully aware that I talk about a lot and champion muchly!

When we first started home educating the girls, I used to insist on a 45 minute period of time straight after lunch, when the girls would go up to their bedrooms and have Quiet Time. During Quiet Time, they were free to do anything. As long they were in their respective bedrooms, not overly noisy and not making mischief! Mostly they tend to read or play or listen to an audio book.

This school year has seen our diary fill up a little during the week, as we have widened our horizons now that Little Legs is more settled and secure. We have regular weekly commitments during the day that are lovely and add richness to our lives. We meet up with friends. We go to the older people’s lunch at our church. We help with collecting the girls’ cousins from their school sometimes.

This week I have felt the pinch of those time filling activities.

We have much going on in our Six family lives at this time. Big decisions that will affect our everything. All good things. But they take energy and head space. And they make me tired. I need time and space to process these things and their implications. I need to be able to walk our girls through what it all means for us all. I need some quiet in order to be able to cope with their chatter and questioning!

Today they had ninety minutes of enforced Quiet Time! Because they were being loud and a bit lairy and Mummy had had enough.

Of course Little Legs didn’t manage that, but she did cope with 45 minutes of quiet time. Split between her tablet and her library books. The big three had a full ninety minutes split between their bedrooms and the playroom, playing quietly or reading.

I did some laundry, wrote a letter (old school), finished off some long overdue admin tasks, wrote some emails and read some of my current book (which I am loving!). Nobody spoke to me. There was no music or podcast or radio. Just me in my headspace.

It worked well. And they settled to their school work tasks afterwards without complaint (very much a rarity at the moment!).

So maybe we’ll go for ninety minutes of Quiet Time every day from now on… 😉 (just kidding!)

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