Operation: Get it sorted

Our house is a busy house. A home for six people, two cats, a large dog, a gerbil and two chickens (the latter obviously live in the garden though!). Four little people, two big people and all the ‘stuff’ that goes along with that.

We also home educate our four children. So we are home lots. Most days. There is no tidying around opportunity once they’re at school! Most of the time I’m grabbing moments to tidy around them, as they get out more jigsaws, or books, or clothes, or dressing up outfits :oO

There are bookshelves in almost every room. Full of books. I love that. But there are also resources everywhere. Current and potential. Things we have been given or have found and I have stashed away.

Just in case.

I’m honestly not a hoarder, but home ed does that to you…I never know what I might need. In a week. Or a month. Or maybe next year!

I often liken it to a fairly tidy jumble sale. Or like Primark just after it opens. Before all the tidy ordered piles of clothes become heaps of stuff. Although sometimes the house even looks like Primark after Saturday closing!

And so I have christened this week: Operation Get It Sorted.

The girls and I will be tidying and sorting and throwing out and cleaning. We will be working our way through the house and getting on top of Everything.

We are very blessed to have a sizeable house. And lots of things in it. So a week may be slightly overestimating what we can achieve in that time.

But I am determined. I have had enough of gathering stuff. Saying yes to things other people no longer need or want. Seeing piles appearing everywhere and never getting sorted through or moved to their ‘home’.

We aren’t in the position financially to go out and furnish our house with more storage at the moment. So we’re making do and shifting around and getting rid. Getting rid. The magic words that make Mr Six smile!

So if you see me loitering too long on Twitter, or rabbiting on on Facebook, feel free to give me a gentle (or not so gentle) nudge and ask me how it’s going!

I will get there this week. We will get this done. We will get to know the lovely folk at our local tip and bestow many goods on our favourite local charity shop!

And our home will once again start to feel more like an ordered, albeit very lived in, happy and tidy family home for a family of Six.

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