Minions, Trump and smells

Smell is a funny thing. Funny haha, and funny peculiar.

I was laughing with my girls a few days ago about smells. Yes, we were talking about breaking wind and all the various names people give to it! And yes, the name of the American President had started the whole silly conversation.

The girls just find farts, trumps, parps, pops (whatever you may call them!) hilarious! I think that’s why the Minions are such favourites here 😉

The girls’ cousins have a Minions fart gun toy, which often come out to play when we go over to their house. It’s a strangely popular toy!

The next day we had our Play Lady over to see Little Legs with Mr Six and me. We had a lengthy talk afterwards about a whole bunch of stuff that was apparently bothering my brain…well my subconscious anyway!

The topic of smell came up, as part of my angsty spiel about struggling with ‘the feels’ (or lack of) since Little Legs came home.

Why doesn’t she smell like our other girls?????

You know when they’re sleeping and you go in to kiss them? And you lean in and inhale their smell?

Its not just the smell of what they ate, or your washing powder. It’s the Six smell. I love it.

I had (naively) assumed that smell was just something that united a family.

Our big girls all smell really similar.

Occasionally it’s a ‘they need a shower’ smell! Or a ‘they’ve had too much green veg’ smell! :oO

But mostly, they smell like Sixes.

But not Little Legs.

I had initially thought it would come over time. That as we washed her clothes and she ate the same food as us, she would start to smell less different. More like a Six.

But apparently that isn’t how it works.

I would love to hear from other adopters who have birth kids aswell. Have you found this? Or is this just me?!

I am learning to love the way she smells. It doesn’t feel totally integrated as a Six smell, yet.

But she smells like her. And I’m learning to love that smell. To include it in my bouquet of Six smells.

And for now that’s enough.

8 thoughts on “Minions, Trump and smells

  1. Did the play Lady call you weird
    Obviously our little girl is not adopted but she smells different to the boys. She has a very strong “sleep” smell, which sort of hits you as you go in the room. The boys don’t have this at all. She also has the strongest “unwell” smell. I can’t work out if it’s her, or if it’s because she’s always plastered in lotion. I have a feeling it’s her because I have memories of both my Grandmother and Nana commenting on my sleep and unwell smells at various intervals over the course of time. I love her stinky ways
    If it helps the thought process, she doesn’t smell different to an outsider, so this is a Mum thing…And you are a great Mum xx

    1. Haha! No, thankfully she didn’t! She’s very gracious and understanding – I think she knows me well enough know 😉 Thats funny about your little one. I’ve never noticed that our others smell unlike one another tbh. But thank you for the encouragement! Glad we all smell the same – hopefully pleasant!

  2. I can remember that Little Bear smelled really different to start with and I kept noticing it, even during the day. I don’t know when that changed but I don’t notice a difference any more.
    How funny! I’d forgotten that I used to notice him smelling different

    1. Isn’t it strange? I notice it mostly when I lean in to kiss her when she’s sleeping and breathe in her scent. It doesn’t unsettle me as much as it used to thankfully!

    1. Thanks Paul. It’s definitely a strange thing! And not something I had anticipated. but it is mattering less as time goes by, thankfully!

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