Happy birthday Little Bud!

Eight years ago today, our beautiful bundle of blessing burst into our lives. We had not long lost my Mum and I remember struggling to feel happy about much, to be honest. The grief was raw. And yet, in the midst of the pain and heartache, this little girl was a complete joy.

Sure, she slept less than the other two. Significantly less! She refused point blank to take a bottle until she had to when I went back to work six months later! She was feisty and loud. She and I took a trip to London when she was three months old, to attend Hillsong’s Colour Conference and she was an absolute dream.

She was surgically attached to her dummy. And her Cuski teddy. She now has two Cuskis. And her Snuggles teddy.

And now, eight years on. She is funny and still feisty and loud! She is loyal and determined and passionate and beautiful. She has the most amazing eyes. And the most infectious smile.

She loves all things Star Wars. And My Little Pony. She has just learnt how to read and is thrilled with the fact that the squiggles are finally beginning to make sense to her. She learnt to read using a DC Comics Justice League book. She has been carrying a pen and notebook around with her to write her ‘thoughts’ in for as long as I can remember.

She loves curry and chocolate cake, Vimto and a hot cuppa tea. She loves to swim and would happily be out on her bike every day given the chance.

She is a fidget. And a chatterbox. I wonder if its the gallons of Coca Cola I drank during her pregnancy :oO

And she is fabulous company on my Saturday morning food shops.

Happy birthday Little Bud! We love you so much xxxxxx

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