Getting started.

Listen to a story.We’ve been chatting and mulling over the thought of writing a family blog for a while now. We did have one years ago, but took it down as the girls were getting older, deciding we weren’t sure about giving them an online presence. But recently we’ve been thinking about our journey, our stories. And we’ve had some encouragement to share some of these stories and experiences.
In some ways we’re just an ordinary family. But in some ways, we really aren’t, who is? And part of our journey over the last couple of years has been our search for information and support and resources that we don’t seem able to find. So we decided to write some.
We aren’t being cocky or arrogant about this. We simply decided to share some of our family stories. The ups. The downs. The dramas. The wins. The adventures. The things that are important to us.
So here it is. We are the Family of 6. Embracing the journey. Sharing the good bits and the flabby bits. Hoping and praying that some of it may be of use to someone else walking a similar road. Or that someone will laugh with us and cry with us, and celebrate with us.
Thanks for joining us!

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