Five minutes peace…

I have grand plans for this kind of occasion!

I am doing an online study course about myself. Sounds narcissistic I know, but I’m finding it fascinating. Podcasts and course materials that progress through personality tests, strengths finders, enneagram tests and tools to help me simplify and focus my time and efforts.

Just a little indulgence that is solely for me.

I’m finding I get very little time to work through the material and podcasts at this moment in time. Bedtimes are fraught and lengthy, so we are exhausted when we finally sit down. Usually way past 9pm.

Day times are consumed with home edding at the moment. As they should be. Any down time usually sees me mooching on Twitter, as 140 characters is about all my brain can cope with by then!

Next week I have decided that because we can and we need it right now, we will be doing no formal learning.

No bookwork,

no workbooks,

no projects.

Unless the girls ask to of course 😉

We will be going on trips, seeing friends, reading aloud a favourite book together, going to the beach and crabbing (whatever the weather!) and generally making memories. Home education at its finest.

Somewhere in the mix I am hoping to plough on with my course. In my five minutes of peace!

In reality, I will probably put the kettle on, go to the loo, get distracted by Twitter and suddenly my five minutes will be up!

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1 thought on “Five minutes peace…

  1. I hear you! If I knew the five minutes of peace were coming, I truly think I’d be wiser with spending them. But then again, maybe not.

    By the way, your course sounds intriguing! And I’m somewhat jealous of your upcoming week.


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