An afternoon out

This weekend we spent a wonderful afternoon at a stunning National Trust property not too far from home. We’ve been there once before a couple of years ago and the grounds are just beautiful.

We met up with long time awesome friends of ours, who live on the other side of the country and who we meet up with maybe just once or twice a year. We have seven kids between us, all aged between 4 and 11, so they all have buddies to play with and giggle with and tell secrets too.

We have known each other for almost twenty years. We used to live round the corner from each other when we all lived in London. They moved away first, leaving London for the east coast of England over ten years ago. We moved a few months afterwards to the western side of the U.K.

Now, despite the vast mileage between our families, when we get together we simply pick up where we left off. They’re the kind of friends who drove across the country to help with our little people when my Mum died. They’re awesome people.

A truly lovely development has occurred since Little Legs came home. She is exactly one week older than their youngest daughter. The two of them met for the first time a couple of months ago at our friends’ Mum’s home. Our friends’ little girl spent the whole day befriending Little Legs, showing her around and reassuring her that she would look after her.

Little Legs was excited to meet her again this weekend. As we’re all of our girls excited to be with them all again.

We had a lovely sunny afternoon together exploring the grounds and having fun in the amazing natural play area. We sat in deckchairs and watched carp in one of the ponds. We rolled down grassy slopes. We toasted marshmallows. We climbed trees.

The kids played on the rope swing. They ran around the wooden mazes. They shinned up and down creatively arranged logs. They climbed up and jumped down off wooden structures.

We made biscuit and melted marshmallow sandwiches. We drank brews and ate ice cream. We bought some books in the little second hand book shop.

And then it was time to head home. Tired and wishing we had longer together, but happy after fun times making memories together.

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