Always his. Always.

Apparently seventeen years is marked by gifts of furniture…ha! In this house, if it’s functional it’s fine!

We had what some would call a whirlwind romance, Mr Six and I. Met him in late summer, started ‘dating’ in the spring, engaged mid summer and married in January.

Well, they say when you know, you know.

Some said it wouldn’t last. He was too young. We hadn’t known each other long enough. We didn’t know each other well enough. We didn’t have any possessions, stuff.

Maybe they were right and he was. We hadn’t. We didn’t.

But why does being older, wealthier and in a longstanding relationship guarantee the longevity or success of a marriage? It doesn’t, does it.

Seventeen years later and here we still are 😉

It’s been an adventure. A rollercoaster. Like riding a tidal wave, at times!

We’ve had laughs and tears (lots of mine!). We’ve had sweetness and light, followed by dark clouds and thunder. We’ve lived in relative plenty and plenty of not-so-much.

We’ve seen a few things. We’ve walked through a few dark places. We’ve seen the rainbows and some silver linings.

We’ve grown and changed beyond recognition in some ways. And yet in others, we are still the same.

We know the richness of our little Family of Six. We have our amazing girls.

And we’ve done it together. Always ‘we’.

With him by my side, I could do anything (well, except that giant zip wire in a quarry thingy. And no bungee jumping thanks!) But other than adrenaline filled stuff, pretty much anything!

Here’s to adventures still to come Mr Six!

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