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I’ve been starting (and not quite finishing) lots of blog posts lately. That’s partly to do with my headspace just now, partly to do with a lack of discpline in writing and partly to do with our current state of inbetweenness…

We’re playing around with the blog at the moment and trying to decide which direction we need to be taking it in over the coming months. That doesn’t help in knowing what to write about!

So I thought I’d tell you a bit about me!

My little family is my world. I’d go anywhere and do anything with these awesome five people by my side.

I’m a passionate Manchester City fan and have been for almost forty years. So don’t be calling me a glory hunter, or a Johnny-come-lately! I remember the yoyo years, when we couldn’t decide which of the lower divisions we wanted to play in next season 😉 My heroes are City legend Bert Trautmann and David White…City’s number 7 (still my favourite number).

I have been involved in church leadership of one kind or another since I was 22.

I can fit my fist in my mouth (small hand, wide mouth 😉 ).

I was on Coronation Street as a child (chasing Billy Wright’s car down The Street).

I love trainers. Jeans and trainers.

I have flown right around the world once, but don’t currently own a passport.

I don’t really like cake or chocolate but love sweets. The cheap and cheerful kind…those foam banana ones, fizzy cola bottles, orange Smarties, parma violets.

Give me tea over coffee any day (apologies to my lovely coffee obsessed friends!).

My little sister is not my twin, despite appearances!

The place in the world that I would most like to visit is New Zealand. I first went when I was 17, with my parents and my sister.

I prefer cats to dogs, or any other animal.

I walked in to my wedding to a stunning Third Day song called Agnus Dei (a cover of a Michael W Smith song). I walked out to the Star Wars theme tune. And I wore trainers under my wedding dress.

I’m almost the fourth shortest in my house, behind Mr Six, my 13 year old and my 10 year old.

I don’t do make up or hair or fancy clothes.

I love to watch movies, but woud rather watch them at home than the cinema.

I went to four schools before I turned 7.

I am an introvert living with anxiety. I’m also quite a classic HSP. All of which i find totally fascinating! These days I know myself pretty well, but please don’t be shocked if I back out of an arrangement…it just means I know I can’t cope with it in that moment.

My current favourite song is ELO’s Mr Blue Sky (evokes so many memories of a family road trip when I must have been about 8).

So, tell us a bit about you…

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