A few of my favourite things

A piping hot cup of strong, milky tea.

The feel of the wind racing past when I ride my bike.

The sound of my kids laughing.

The strong arms of Mr Six around me.

Sunshine on my face.

That moment every morning when I put my head under a hot shower.

Fresh crusty bread, straight from the oven.

Stealing away, even for half an hour, with my gorgeous family.

The sound of the waves on the beach.

Those still moments of intense quiet, when everyone is happy doing something.

A good book, telling a great story about humanity.

Swimming underwater.

A shoulder rub, to ease the tension away from my troublesome left shoulder.

A big bowl of (my Mum’s recipe) steaming homemade soup.

Warm rain showers.

Sand between my toes.

These things all help me to breathe more slowly.

To slow down my heart rate.

To drop my shoulders and relax.

To unfrown my forehead.

To smile.

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