A swimtastic weekend!

We’re having a slow home ed day today (Monday) to recover from our brilliant, if exhausting, weekend at the girls’ first swimming gala. Everyone’s pooped and looking forward to not doing very much at home today, after being at our local Regional Pool from 8.30-5.00 on Saturday and Sunday. The swimming championships were open to clubs in our region and included swimmers doing their first gala, who had no competition times. It was the culmination of a summer of hard work by the all four of the girls, though obviously (and much to her disgust!) […]

Our summer holiday

We’ve just got back from a nine day holiday to Cardiff, which Mr Six and I reckon is the longest break we’ve had in one stretch since we had our first child eleven years ago! All things considered it was a good time away and everyone coped really well with the newness of it all – new place to stay for all of us, lots of eating out in different cafes and restaurants, new things to do and places to visit, different sleeping arrangements to home. Little Legs coped well whilst we were away – eating and […]

Together into the unknown

Fight, flight or freeze…our Little Legs is a proper feisty little monkey! Ever since she came home just over a year ago, Little Legs’ response to a threat, an unknown, a lack of sleep, an emotional experience, has been to fight. Now she isn’t a violent child at all. We get rumbling low level aggression, usually targetted at one of her big sisters, occasionally at me or Mr Six.  Mostly hitting, scratching, hair pulling, some biting. Her go to for expressing her fear is usually raging meltdowns. Screaming, spitting, crying, shouting. Bless her, she often rages […]

I love the Olympics!

I’m sitting here on our settee with a hot brew, watching the Olympic swimming from Rio. I’ve always loved watching the Olympics. My earliest Olympic memory was of the 1984 games in Los Angeles. I was ten and we were on a family holiday in Plymouth, staying with family friends. I remember my Dad and our friend’s Dad staying up really late watching it on the tv. We would get up early to have our breakfast in front of the tv watching the highlights show. Our home growing up always had sport on the tv. […]

An afternoon out

This weekend we spent a wonderful afternoon at a stunning National Trust property not too far from home. We’ve been there once before a couple of years ago and the grounds are just beautiful. We met up with long time awesome friends of ours, who live on the other side of the country and who we meet up with maybe just once or twice a year. We have seven kids between us, all aged between 4 and 11, so they all have buddies to play with and giggle with and tell secrets too. We have […]


This afternoon, reflecting on our Big Day Out last week, I am thankful. Thankful for our girls. Our four beautiful, amazing, funny, thoughtful, caring, passionate, giggly, kind, loving girls. Thankful for our Little Legs, who finally had her day in Court. A friendly, welcoming, celebratory fifteen minutes in Court. Thankful for a lovely Court Clerk who put everyone at ease and guided us through. For a Judge who was welcoming, cheerful, engaging and easygoing. Thankful for family and friends who came to celebrate and mark our moment in court as the Six Family. For their support, […]

When people just get it

Little Legs has been going to a pre-school (Ducklings) swimming class since late September. At the time we were offered the place, we weren’t sure whether it was too soon. She had only been home for about ten weeks and was showing lots of separation anxiety from me. But we decided to give it a go and see what happened. I spoke to the swimming coordinator and explained enough detail for her to make sense of Little Legs’ story and she asked for permission to share what I had shared with the swimming teacher who […]

One year anniversary

It is one year since our beautiful, feisty, independent, loving, youngest daughter came to join our family full time. One year on Little Legs is absolutely settled into our family. She has three big sisters and a Mummy and a Daddy. She has her own bedroom, a favourite bedtime routine, her own chair at the table (a big chair, not a high chair any more), a range of pets and her own bit of garden to dig up, get muddy in, play with and where she can generally make a mess. One year on we […]

Five minutes peace…

I have grand plans for this kind of occasion! I am doing an online study course about myself. Sounds narcissistic I know, but I’m finding it fascinating. Podcasts and course materials that progress through personality tests, strengths finders, enneagram tests and tools to help me simplify and focus my time and efforts. Just a little indulgence that is solely for me. I’m finding I get very little time to work through the material and podcasts at this moment in time. Bedtimes are fraught and lengthy, so we are exhausted when we finally sit down. Usually […]