Happy birthday Big Girl!

Twelve years ago today, we were finally at the end of a long and traumatic twenty four hours. Big Girl had made her appearance, though she hadn’t been keen to leave the warmth and comfort of her home of nine months! A loooooong delivery, plenty of vomiting, an eventual epidural, a set of forceps and one operation for Mummy later, she made it.

Today she is taller than me, wearing my clothes and shoes, generally louder than me and funnier than me. She is strong, feisty, independent, kind and loving.

She is growing into her own skin and moving forwards at speed into adolescence. And yet she is still a child and we will continue to nurture that side of her as long as she needs us to.

She is keen to take on responsibility, but dislikes the humdrum and repetitiveness that comes with said responsibility.

She is stretching her wings but a little fearful of the separation that will inevitably bring.

She is finding those things that she likes and chasing after them hard. She is becoming more aware of what some of her strengths are, whilst we continue to encourage her to remain open to those things she dismisses.

She is amazing and frustrating and gorgeous and typically ‘teenaged’ all in one interaction!

We are so proud of her and of the young woman she is becoming.

Happy birthday beautiful xxx

1 thought on “Happy birthday Big Girl!

  1. Love this!! And have lots of love for Big Girl too…fond memories of her chattering in the back of the car during school pickups! Have loved seeing her blossom xxxx

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