Random conversations

As a reasonably large family that spends a lot of time together we find ourselves having all kinds of conversations. As the day flows through various home ed topics that we might be covering, our conversations will often flow from the inquisitive learning of a new subject to a random discussion of the various lightsaber colours of someone’s favourite Jedi and back again. We thought that it might be fun to try to keep a regular update of some of these weird and wacky conversation threads. Today we have discussed and investigated the following topics: why […]

The times they are a changin’

I have been thinking a lot about change recently. Or perhaps I should say I have been experiencing a lot of change. Over the last 5 months I had been finding myself feeling anxious and fearful and I couldn’t work out why. Everything felt like it was on top of me and I couldn’t think clearly enough to know what to do to feel better. A breakthrough came when a friend reminded me of something that a visiting speaker at our church had said to us a few years earlier. The emotions that I was […]

Honest lessons

We’re now about nine months into our journey with our beautiful Little Legs. The bit of the adventure since she actually moved in as part of our family. The biggest things I have learned so far are mostly about myself. My character. My personality. My strengths. My weaknesses. Oh my weaknesses! I am less patient and more selfish than I had ever realised. I was always fully aware that I am not perfect. But my character flaws have been rammed home harder than ever in the last six months or so. Because of her early […]

Getting started.

We’ve been chatting and mulling over the thought of writing a family blog for a while now. We did have one years ago, but took it down as the girls were getting older, deciding we weren’t sure about giving them an online presence. But recently we’ve been thinking about our journey, our stories. And we’ve had some encouragement to share some of these stories and experiences. In some ways we’re just an ordinary family. But in some ways, we really aren’t, who is? And part of our journey over the last couple of years has […]