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My blogging habits have become somewhat sporadic over the last few months. I’ve got a few blogs in the pipeline, but not ones that seem to be coming together easily to be honest. Our desktop computer died a few months back, so although I can write drafts on my phone, I can only post to the blog when Mr Six doesn’t need the laptop for work stuff. But it’s also because we have changes afoot in our lives and it hasn’t felt like the right time to write about them until now. I’m not good at keeping things under wraps, so have almost been avoiding writing at times! Especially as we don’t currently have answers to some of our questions.

So I thought I’d do a little update type of post today. Fairly easy to rattle off and fun to write! I really enjoy those moments of looking back over the last few weeks and looking forward to what’s coming up for our family.

We’ve finally got round to buying a Tagalong bike for Little Legs. She loved going on the one we hired at Center Parcs in March and has done so well on our new one since it arrived. We even pushed our luck and did a sixteen mile ride along the coast to a local town/beach front and back home. She did amazingly well and only started to flag a little around two miles from home. Not bad for a little girl who couldn’t reliably stay upright on a bench without support and who was looking like she’d need to use a wheelchair for longer distances when we first met her!

We got up one morning a couple of weeks ago and one of our two chickens had died. It was quite sudden and sad. Our remaining chicken looked so very lonely, so I spoke to Happy Dreamer about her as she was her chicken. We talked about how sad it was that she was left alone in the run and whether it might be kinder for her to spend her days with some new chicken friends. Happy Dreamer agreed with me, so I asked a lovely friend who has a little brood of chickens whether she would be interested in rehoming a gorgeous grey hen with a chilled temperament. So the chicken formerly known as Fluffy is living happily with her new family and is now known as Pat (they have a cat called Fluffy!).

We took the girls out for lunch a few weeks ago to a lovely local pub. We sat outside on their terrace and chatted around the table. It was a fab time out together, even though it did end up a bit on the chilly side. On the walk back to the car, the girls were all walking along together and giggling and chatting and we got a fab snap of them all with their arms round each other’s shoulders. One of ‘those’ moments to cherish (#glowmo for my Twitter adopter friends).

Little Legs has had a bit of a week. A week or so ago, she managed to move her hand out on to the end of her handlebar as I pushed the bike through a gate and the brick post skinned her fingers 😔 It was so very sore and really raw. Thankfully it has healed quickly and she hasn’t picked at the scabs. Then yesterday I took her to the doctor to check out a little rash she’d developed around her tummy button. I had assumed it was a little cluster of bites, but it didnt seem to be clearing up. But no. She has a little outburst of shingles! She hasnt been poorly, but has been very tired as a result of not getting to sleep since she’s not having her dummy any more. The doc reckoned that three weeks of falling asleep after 9.30pm (apart from two nights around 8pm) will affect her little five year old immune system enough to let the virus in. She has a treasured little tube of cream for the rash and she’s on the mend.

This week we took a walk up a sizeable local hill that we had been talking about visiting for ages. Mr Six had an unplanned day off and off we went. Now we’re not big walkers to be honest! As much as we’d like to be, we just aren’t. And the last two years of having a little one who can’t manage to walk far hasn’t improved that! The girls all did well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The weather was fab, the views were spectacular and the company was class. We’ll definitely be heading up some more hills again soon.

The highlight of my week – Mr Six came home from town with a new set of kitchen knives. Yes! We have soldiered on with the knife set we received as a wedding gift over 17 years ago for too long. This morning I sliced some bread and the knife actually cut through the bread and didn’t squish it down into a flat splodge!

We had a little bit of drama here when we went to collect Mr Six from work on Wednesday, after it had been lashing it down with rain all afternoon. There’s a local strech of road outside of one of the large caravan parks where standing water seems to accumulate incredibly quickly. The water level was amazing on Wednesday and we had to drive on the opposite side of the road, around the traffic islands in order to navigate the ‘puddles’ safely! The smaller three girls were thrilled and taking videos and photos with my phone as we made waves driving along. Thankfully it had all drained away by Thursday morning.

Today (Friday) we had a guy round to try to clear a blocked drain at the back of our house. He couldn’t get it completely cleared, but we know where the problem is and how to fix it, and we’ve all had a good look down the main drain access, both at the front and the back of the house. The girls were fascinated by his special camera that went for metres down the back drain to a manhole cover access in the next road along.

We’re looking forward to a less cluttered few weeks over the summer holidays. Lots of the girls’ regular activities have stopped for the six weeks’ break, though we have a few low key plans such as sleepover swaps with their cousins. Little Legs is excited to be having her first ever sleepover too. It will be the first time in her life that she hasn’t been with either her Foster Mummy or me for a night’s sleep. Huge milestones and fun times to make memories.

Team Six have some other huge milestones looming on the horizon: the biggest being that Mr Six will be stepping down from leading our church at the end of August. This is a job he has done for the last three years and he has been invovled in the leadership since we moved up here over a decade ago. It will take some getting used to, though we are ready and so very excited for what God has in store for us next. At the moment, we will be staying where we are and he has been able to gain extra hours in his other (also brilliant) job working for our friends in their Coffee Shop.

We are exploring our options for what’s next and are looking forward to stepping out into New Things. Watch this space for more adventures to come!

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