Tricky choices

ChoicesAnyone who knows me well, knows that I am not really a cake fan. I know, I know. Some people would see that as a travesty. It has been a blessing on many occasions! So I sit writing this on a Saturday morning, in a local independent bakery, with a cup of tea and a croissant.

It’s a lovely little shop, with a long counter filled with sweets and treats, polite and friendly staff and a fab little coffee shop side, although Mr6 may take issue with the quality of the coffee on offer. There are rarely any other customers sitting in at the time I arrive, just folk coming in to buy their fresh bread. So I get first dibs on the comfy leather sofa in the corner and savour my brew.

Little Bud and Happy Dreamer play hockey on Saturday mornings close to the bakery and I have taken to hanging out with a brew and a book at the bakery coffee shop while they play. And every week I sit there and wonder which cake or pastry to take home for Mr6.

The girls are predictable. Big Girl loves a cinnamon swirl. Happy Dreamer and Little Bud will have a giant gingerbread man with chocolate hair and chocolate drop buttons. Little Legs is a huge fan of the strawberry tart. I would choose an iced finger or a plain butter croissant.

Mr6 loves cake. But this bakery don’t do coffee and walnut, or chocolate, or his Mum’s chocolate crunch tray bake! He isn’t a fan of the eclair, or the custard slice. Last week I laughed with the man serving me about whether it makes me a bad wife that I have no clue what to choose for him!

A millionaire’s shortbread will always be a winner. But last week I chose for him a slice of their toffee apple cake. It was a hit! So this week I’ll be playing it safe. And going toffee apple again. Tough choices have to be made though 😉

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