Tiredness abounds

Tiredness affects our girls in different ways. The girls all had a very late (for them) night last night. We had an important event at church, which both of us needed to attend. So we took the girls with us.

The sat in the lounge of sofas and watched Kung Fu Panda 3 and ate popcorn, snuggled together under blankets. They did ace!

Using a babysitter remains a complicated thing for us at the moment, so we haven’t tried anyone beyond my sister or brother in law. Little Legs is so up and down with sleep refusal anyway. The one time my sister sat for us, Little Legs woke at 10 and lay awake quietly til we got home around midnight.

So the occasional need to keep them out late is handled like a treat. With an acceptance from me that I will need to carefully tailor the following two days around cuddles, tv time and early beds.

Big Girl (11) gets sulky and defiant and cross about anything and everything.
Happy Dreamer (8) is a whinger when she’s tired. She always has been, since she was very tiny. Generally a happy go lucky, quietish soul who is not hugely demanding of those around her. But when tired…

Little Bud (7) gets very silly and giggly, then suddenly collapses into floods of tears, but is usually unable to say why she is crying. Almost like a caricature of her personality. She’s a lively one who laughs easily, but who frequently frightens herself with the depth of her emotions.

Little Legs (4) goes into meltdown mode, unless she is getting what she wants.

Today they have all managed fantastically. Mr6+I took Big Girl and Little Legs clothes shopping for some essentials this morning, then had lunch out together. Happy Dreamer and Little Bud have been out from 9-3 at a musical theatre week at the local Anglican Church. On Friday they are doing a show, having spent to week learning songs and making crafts and set pieces related to the show’s themes. I half expected a call around lunchtime to say the Little Bud was asking me to come and get her. But all went well.

Little Legs has had a couple of meltdowns today that felt evocative of her earlier days with us. That ability to keep a lid on her rage is not there when she is tired out.

But nor is mine when I’m tired! At least she can say she’s only four as an excuse!

Bedtime was frustrating. Though to be honest I frustrate myself when I dig my heels in and refuse to ‘baby’ her when she’s in meltdown. Mr6 was his patient self and she was asleep within the half hour.

All three younger girls were in bed for 7.15 and I’m hoping Little Legs will sleep in a bit, which she often does when she’s shattered.

Tomorrow night they’ll all be in bed early again. Trying to be proactive and nip the tiredness in the bud definitely helps me stay on top of my frustration with the sulks, the whinging, the tears and the meltdowns.

And that’s just me 😉

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