This afternoon, reflecting on our Big Day Out last week, I am thankful. Thankful for our girls. Our four beautiful, amazing, funny, thoughtful, caring, passionate, giggly, kind, loving girls.

Thankful for our Little Legs, who finally had her day in Court. A friendly, welcoming, celebratory fifteen minutes in Court.

Thankful for a lovely Court Clerk who put everyone at ease and guided us through. For a Judge who was welcoming, cheerful, engaging and easygoing.

Thankful for family and friends who came to celebrate and mark our moment in court as the Six Family. For their support, love and wisdom as we walked this road over the last two and a half years.

Thankful for the wonderful Social Workers who have journeyed with our family. Who have brought us to this place. Even at the tough moments when we have not seen eye to eye. For our ace SW who was able to come and celebrate the end of this part of our journey.

Thankful for Little Legs’ IRO, who has known her since before she was born. Who has provided snapshot insights into her birth family. Who has advocated hard for us over the last year. Who brought gifts for each girl-they were fans of his before (he brought cake on his last home visit!) and they love him even more now!

Thankful for a beautiful setting to celebrate. For the riverside park, the miniature railway, the play area and the cafe. Thankful for the most glorious weather to enjoy. And a giant paddling pool to get in at the end of the day!

Thankfulness often comes for me at significant junctions in the road, or at significant endings. Now we move on in our Adoption Journey, leaving behind Little Legs’ SW, our agency SW (boo!) and Little Legs’ IRO. We are now wholly in the hands of Post Adoption Support. Who knows what that will bring our way…

We already have contact with our PASW and have met with her twice since Little Legs came home. We continue to have access to the training and support programme that our agency offers. Little Legs’ LA officially retains responsibility for her for the first three years of her life with us. At this stage, we have no Letterbox agreement or contact point. We also have no contact for the LA PAS Team. It could be an interesting next phase…

But for today, I am thankful.

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