The tell tale blister

Little Legs has the constitution of an ox! Since she came home sixteen months ago, she has been ill once I think. She rarely gets sniffly, has had one 24 hour episode of being poorly with one vomit. She hasn’t once been blocked up enough overnight to struggle with breathing through her nose whilst keeping her dummy in her mouth.

Last weekend she was spiking a temperature and asking for Movicol?! I figured out she is so used to me asking one of her sisters if she has taken her Movicol today, that she had it confused with Calpol 😂 She was pale and not really eating much and generally a bit lethargic.

On Sunday she seemed ok in the morning and we all went to church. She did fine until about 4pm when she started tailing me round the house and refusing to have Daddy meet her needs. Bedtime wasn’t great and she slept fitfully.

On Monday afternoon we went out to a local town with a larger library than our local one. The girls were so funny in the car telling Little Legs about the ginormous library we were going to! Mr Six tried to explain to them about The British Library being ginormous, compared to the ‘slightly larger than our local library’ one we were visiting…

Anyway, after our library visit, we stopped in at our favourite coffee shop (where Mr Six works two days a week) for a drink and a cake. Little Legs did fine for a while then decided she needed Mummy cuddles. We had just got settled down on the settee when Little Bud noticed a ‘spot’ on the back of Little Legs’ wrist. A blister. Pants.

My sister’s little fosterling had come down with hand, foot and mouth over the weekend. Well we do like to share things in our family!

I found a handful more inside her mouth and on her lips that night. Bless her. She said her swallow hurts.

So she was dosed up with Calpol and tucked up in bed.

Mummy has been praying all week for better, more restful nights’ sleep than Sunday night. And for a swift recovery for Little Legs. And for all those kids at church who were running around with Little Legs on Sunday…ah well, such is parenting and herd immunity eh!

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