The search for PAS continues…(support and understanding part two)

I know I have it right in saying that the placing Local Authority (LA) retains responsibility for our youngest daughter and for assessing her needs for three years post placement. This is not our immediate Local Authority, though it is not a million miles away from where we are living.

I know I have it right in saying that whilst the LA are responsibility for assessing her (and our family’s) needs, they do not have to meet the needs they have assessed.

I know I have it right in saying that the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) was created in order to meet some of these assessed needs.

And I know I have it right in understanding that the ASF does not solve all problems and is not a limitless pot of money.

I know we are fortunate (or blessed) that although we live in Wales, we are able to potentially access the ASF pot because our Little Legs was placed from an English LA.

Having said all of that I have been persistently chasing the placing LA this last few weeks, in order to finally try and get someone from their post adoption support service to listen to our concerns that our Little Legs needs some support. All I have been after was a name and telephone number of someone in the post adoption support service. Sixteen months post placement with no support from the placing LA, I think I have been most patient.

Apparently we were referred by our Family Finder to CAMHS for an Assessment of Need. Eh? Even the CAMHS SW agreed that this is an unusual route to get an Assessment of Need.

Apparently the placing LA have not had an ASSA (Adoption Support Services Advisor) in post for longer than Little Legs has been home and this may be why we have been unable to progress our request.

Apparently the PAS services and information on the placing LA’s website is available to our family, but may not be appropriate because we don’t live in their area (no-one has ever told us about these services; I found them myself on their website).

Apparently the need for us to have an Assessment of Need is currently ‘under discussion’. What support or therapy do we feel we may need?

Hang on…I was under the (correct) impression that an Assessment of Need is a statutory requirement. Her placing LA has a legal duty to carry out said assessment.


Our fabulous Social Worker (who should have closed our case months ago when we got our Adoption Order) is on the case. She’s an absolute diamond who is joining me in my impression of being a Dog with a Bone 😉

Hopefully my next update will bear more positive, less frustrating news!

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  1. It took me a while ( a month) to get hold of my placing authorities PAS SW but then she came and visited within a fortnight, listened to my request, submitted application to ASF within another fortnight, and the funding was agreed two weeks later. Within another two weeks ( last Monday) I was able to get a cancellation appointment with the OT for the assessment we had asked for. So sucessful results are possible!

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