Our summer holiday

We’ve just got back from a nine day holiday to Cardiff, which Mr Six and I reckon is the longest break we’ve had in one stretch since we had our first child eleven years ago! All things considered it was a good time away and everyone coped really well with the newness of it all – new place to stay for all of us, lots of eating out in different cafes and restaurants, new things to do and places to visit, different sleeping arrangements to home.

Little Legs coped well whilst we were away – eating and sleeping well. Lots of little niggling fizzy behaviours, particularly aimed at Little Bud, but it all felt manageable. She’s been more obviously unsettled since we came home, but we had anticipated some post holiday fall out. More sleep would be a good thing – she takes longer to settle, wakes more in the night and is up earlier when she is unsettled.

But we shouldn’t complain. She  coped so well with all the uncertainties of being away from familiarity of home. And she really enjoyed all of the holiday experiences.

It was strange to be away during the school holidays, as we often go away during term time. Partly because it’s cheaper to go then, partly because it’s quieter and partly because it’s easier for Mr Six to get time off work. But it was nice being somewhere when they had events and activities on for the kids.

We stayed in Cardiff Bay and loved the relaxed family feel. We walked round the Bay, played in the park and ate ice creams. Our Big Three really enjoyed having swimming readily available in the complex where we stayed and they loved getting to eat in lots of different places (thank you Tesco Vouchers!). They also loved being introduced to shopping in a city!

We live fairly rurally when it comes to big city experiences and shopping/eateries. The girls loved experiencing some of the differences between home and Cardiff. We loved the little pop up pizza place (@lovepizzapronto) in Cardiff Bay where we ate stone baked pizzas and dough sticks dipped in Nutella – @methreeandhe was right, they’re delicious! The five storey Primark was a particular favourite, especially with me 😉

Mr Six and Big Girl went to the Dr Who Experience and came back full of stories and merchandise! We walked and chatted and ate and drank. We shopped and swam and watched tv and drank coffee. We read books and bought stationery and tried on new clothes. We met lovely folk who roast coffee and have set up their own fab independent coffee shops (@_uncommonground and @lufkincoffee). We went on the ferris wheel and the funfair.

We had a long list of recommended places to visit from lots of friends who had visited Cardiff previously and from the lovely @helbader who lives locally. We made it to a few of those places and eateries. I was gutted we couldn’t get tickets for @LidoPonty But you know what, we had a ball just going to places and doing things that our family enjoys.

We will never be stately home folk, or art gallery peeps, or big into wandering around museums. Maybe that makes us unusual amongst our home educator friends. But you know what? We’re ok with that.


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