Feeling Exposed

The last twenty four hours have been an interesting lot. After six months of fairly secretive, anonymous blogging, we decided the time had come to out ourselves a little bit and publish the Facebook page for our little blog. Prior to then, our blog was mostly read by online friends in the amazing adoption/fostering Twittersphere. Plus literally a handful of friends in real life who we had told we were blogging.

Over the last ten years we have gone backwards and forwards about social media and its pros and cons, especially in the context of protecting our girls and their privacy. We used to have a family blog back in the day (not that we were blogging very regularly) but we decided after a couple of years that we didn’t like putting details of family life out there. We deleted the blog and set aside any ideas about family blogging.

During our adoption journey, we became immersed once more in the blogging world, reading as much as we could get our hands on about adoption, family, therapeutic parenting and the like. Bloggers provided the first hand knowledge and experience of adoption that the more academic text books and manuals could not. We read about the ups and the downs, the benefits and the disadvantages, the funny anecdotes and the horror stories.

As we’ve detailed before, we found huge gaps on the topic of blending birth and adopted children. We also came at our adoption journey as a home educating family. And a family in church leadership.

Our awesome Stage 2 Social Worker spent time listening to our story so far and guiding some of the discussions about what our family may look like once we had a little person placed with us. He was (and continues to be via email) such an encouragement to us. He was full of love and support for our embryonic ideas around returning to blogging or writing our stories down.

In spring 2016, our fab adoption agency began to offer social media training and I booked myself a place, thinking how it might be a good place to connect with others using Twitter primarily and that it may also give us some foundations for venturing out into the blogosphere once more.

I had the most brilliant day with a bunch of lovely adopters and folk working in the field of adoption and marketing. They were encouraging and supportive and challenging. We talked through our use of social media and our experiences to date. We heard from a fab blogger who was inspiring and such a strong advocate for blogging about family life. It was over the course of that day that starting up a blog became more of a concrete plan.

Mr Six and I believe that we have stories to share.

We don’t have it all sorted. Just ask our girls!

We don’t have all the answers.

We aren’t holding ourselves up as examples to follow. Have a read of our ‘Honest lessons‘ post from earlier this year to see how we’re trying to be real.

And so today, we find ourselves feeling exposed.

A feeling we knew would play havoc for a while.

A feeling we will sit with for now, because we are ok with its reasons for stopping by.

A feeling that will fade as time passes and people read our posts.

A feeling that we will keep an eye on, to determine where we set the bar in terms of privacy versus honesty.

We have already had some lovely comments on the blog, before we went public. Comments that encourage us to keep going, to keep being honest.

And so we will.

Keep going.

Feeling a little exposed.

Knowing we are happy in our little corner of t’Internet.

For now.

6 thoughts on “Feeling Exposed

  1. Well done Sixes, you have so much good to share, and whatever mistakes you think you are making, your example loving others isn’t one of them. It’s good to be bold, even if your knees are knocking x

  2. After seeing you and Suzan posting I decided to have a read and see what it was all about not realising it was your blog at first. Well done Bro loved it think your both doing great and your girls are growing up so happy so your doing something right

  3. I’m always reading your links and posts. So much is relevant and inspiring to all of us and our friends and family. Thankyou

    1. Thanks for the comment and the encouragement Kate! It’s lovely to think you are all reading along and sharing in our adventures. Love to you all xx

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