About us.

Mr and Mrs 6 have been married since 2000, meeting and marrying in the smog of London. In 2005 our life moved to the North Coast of Wales. We have grown to be a family of 6 and, with the added addition of cats, chickens and a big ole dog, our house can feel pretty crazy. We home educate our children, and we have adopted our youngest. We wanted a place to share some of our stories with those who might find them helpful or interesting, so here are our experiences of home ed, adoption, family and faith.

2 thoughts on “About us.

  1. Am enjoying your posts as we are embarking on the journey of adoption ourselves with children ages 14, 12 and 9. Life is always so hectic, I’ve decided there’s never a good time, best to just dive in and give a child a forever family. Really appreciate your honesty and humor. Reminiscing brought back a lot of forgotten hours in front of the TV!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Kirstie! It’s always hectic isn’t it? I think you’re right and if it’s what you’ve decided to do as a family, then go for it!

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